Improving User Activation in Sign Up Flow for Starbucks Indonesia Reward App


The Problem Triggers

  1. Top Up. Users have difficulty finding entry points and CTA button for
    top up account balances and product orders.
  2. Sign Up (Focus on this Feature). There are too many things to fill in one screen for the sign up process so user will be overwhelmed and unfocused. We also get several errors system (based on our experience and this is another thing). Of course this will certainly have an impact on user activation.
Existing Sign Up Page Starbucks Indonesia Reward App

Research Process

Store Review

Users’ review on PlayStore

Competitive Analysis

Kopi Kenangan Sign Up Flow
Fore Coffee Sign Up Flow

Organizing Insights

Our Main Objectives

How Might We

  • The registration flow in the application more concise and clear
  • Provide a minimal signup and homepage view to accommodate the signup and top up flow?

Think The Solution

Sign Up Flowchart

Generating Ideas

Sketching Sign Up Flow


Wireframe Sign Up Flow

Hight Fidelity Phase

Hight Fidelity Sign Up Flow

Design Validation

Usability Testing

Testing Insights


Higt Fidelity Sign Up Flow
Sign Up Flowchart

The reflection

  • On this project I learned a lot about collaborating with the PM Team and other designers.
  • The testing process taught me a lot about user behavior when using designs. Where I thought this design was easy to use turned out to be a lot of room for improvement.



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